JULY 12, 2018

5PM VIP COcktail HOur

6Pm-10pm  Speakers and Kappa Matcha Keg Tapping Party

The Future Of Tea: Presented by Wendigo Tea Co. Powered by Smooth Nitro Coffee technology. Hosted by Tokyo Kitty. Coinciding with the keg tapping of the world’s first Kappa Matcha Latte, this is a joint venture showcase of new tea technology, as well as unique specialty tea cocktails.


Tokyo Kitty will present a refreshing new option: a Vegan Nitro Matcha Latte, on tap for its customers beginning July 12th:  Local beverage companies Wendigo Tea Co. and Smooth Nitro Coffee have stirred their specialties together to create a unique beverage offering that will be the first of its kind in Downtown Cincinnati. Wendigo Tea Co.’s Organic Kappa Ceremonial Stone Ground Matcha is combined with organic almond and coconut milk, pumped ice cold from the tap, and topped with silky foam unique to nitro infusion. This new take on the Japanese-inspired drink will join Tokyo Kitty’s eclectic lineup of unique craft cocktails, as well as serve as an adventurous nonalcoholic option to soothe the throats of the Karaoke bar’s vocalists.


“Tea is my passion, and making premium tea accessible and fun to people is what Wendigo Tea Co. is all about,” says Sky White, Wendigo Tea Co.’s founder. “Customers love our Kappa Matcha powder, but preparing a matcha drink at home takes time and tools. My desire is to open up consumers to a healthy, delicious, and incredibly high grade tea that can fit easily into their lives and experiences led me to work with Smooth Nitro Coffee. Their process is perfect for preserving the complexities and quality of Kappa Matcha in a delicious and refreshing way.”

Bartenders at Tokyo Kitty will be able to summon up the frothy brilliant-green beverage just like pulling beer from a tap. Smooth Nitro Coffee uses proprietary technology to infuse nitrogen into the Kappa Matcha Latte. Just like their nitro coffee and tea beverages offered at Fountain Square where they have teamed up with Kidd Coffee, the matcha latte stays incredibly smooth and creamy for each and every pour. Smooth Nitro Coffee’s Dan Thaler knew their technology would be a perfect fit when introduced to the Kappa Matcha: “Our technology allows us to create the most velvety smooth beverages that you need to taste to believe,” explains Dan. “I knew that our technology would take a great matcha latte and make it a game-changing beverage that is the first of its kind!”

This is a whole new frontier of tea.
— Sky White of Wendigo Tea

Kappa Matcha’s journey to the taps of Tokyo Kitty began with White’s intensive selection process. After testing hundreds of matcha varieties to find Wendigo Tea Co.’s matcha offering, White says “I had to choose this Uji region matcha for its deep and elegant flavor. I named it Kappa after a reclusive Japanese mythical creature that hides in swamps... and has a bowl on the top of his head that looks oddly identical to a matcha bowl.”

The team at Wendigo Tea Co. and Smooth Nitro Coffee chose the blend of organic almond and coconut milk to soothe Kappa Matcha’s robust taste. A hint of natural sweetener finishes off the formula. “We wanted an ingredient mix that would showcase the full body of Kappa’s flavor,” says Thaler. “The recipe we designed will keep that deep flavor and velvety mouth feel fresh, thanks to our nitrogenating process. Storing in a high pressure keg lets us use high quality, all-natural ingredients without sacrificing shelf life.”

Tokyo Kitty, a Japanese-inspired karaoke bar, is the natural debut venue for the Kappa Nitro Matcha Latte. “We take every opportunity we can to celebrate the infusion of old Japan, future Japan, and the cultural exchange to the US,” says New Business Director Greg Newman. Co-owner Jacob Trevino adds “We had to jump at the chance of serving a totally new take on matcha created by the collaboration of local entrepreneurs. It’s creative, fun, and a modern nod to Japanese traditions. We know our guests will love it.”

Tokyo Kitty 

575 Race St.

Cincinnati, OH 45202


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